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Cancer Information

EVERYDAY we are hearing more and more about cancer... and chances are, you know someone - family, friend, co-worker, colleagues - who is affected by Cancer. Learn more so you can better relate and/or understand the process. WATCH videos on the site and learn more about Cancer by disease site.  Print questions to ask your Doctor and much more!  

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Common Procedures

Looking at Chest X-Ray{Looking at a Chest X-Ray}

There are many "PROCEDURES" that your Doctor may order for you. Do you know what is involved in an MRI, or CAT (CT) scan, or certain types of Biopsies? Become your own advocate! Watch and learn more about these procedures, before you go to your appointment! 

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Diabetes Mellitus

diabetes picDiabetes Mellitus, also simply known as "Diabetes" or "Sugar" in most communities describes high levels of glucose (sugar) in the blood.
What causes Diabetes? What is Insulin? Why is Hemaglobin A1c important? Learn more about the basics of Diabetes and how best to prevent and/or control this disease. 


Heart Disease

Heart Disease is the #1 killer in the USA ... and its not just in "older" adults anymore! With increased Obesity rates in the USA, the possibility for Heart Attacks, Heart Failure, Stroke and other Heart related diseases are seen in  an increasing number of young Americans under the age of 50. Best solution is - 

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